Norges Hus Nova OÜ

Norges Hus Nova OÜ
Lao, Kalesi küla Raasiku vald
Harjumaa 75207 Eesti
Tel: +372 661 7341


Norges Hus Nova is our factory’s new product line, which combines our already well-known and customer-recognized quality with an even friendlier price. Nova is a line of standard house shell solutions with fixed external walls measurements. Internal planning can be changed or flipped over, the positions of windows and doors can also be modified. In case of minor alterations, the price of the house remains the same.

The prices include factory package, which means:

• Insulated external walls with wooden cladding
• Rainproof roof structure (rafters)
• PVC windows

We don’t offer turn-key ready solutions.

Delivery and mounting are optional and have an additional price.

Delivery time is approximately 4 – 6 weeks. By prior arrangement, you can visit our factory and see the house elements.

Mounting of a house shell takes, depending on the type, about 2 – 7 days.

Technical drawings, necessary for receiving a building permit, can be ordered from us. They’re included in the price of the house. If necessary, our partners can also assist you in obtaining a building permit at a local government for an additional fee.

Insulated external walls: wall height 2600mm
– Wooden cladding UYVk 21×145 Spruce AB – horizontal
– 30x45mm ventilation lath
– Wind barrier TYVEK – Soft
– timber construction C24 / 45x195mm with 600mm interval
– 200mm insulation (2 x 100mm rock wool ROCKWOOL / SUPERROCK)
– Vapor barrier 0,2mm

Roof construction:
– roof beams for the main house according to the drawings – roof sides overlap 600mm
(doesn’t include canopies, awnings, posts, columns and other protruding parts)

Windows and terrace doors:
3x glazing, PVC White / U = 0,95 W/m²K

Production drawings
External walls schemes, roof beams plan, window specification

Joints and accessories
Temporary support material 45x95x2500mm
Temporary rafters support material 25x100x6000
Wood screw TX 8×120 (fixation for external walls)
Wood screw TX 6×90
Wood screw TX 4×60 (windows, doors)
Stainless Steel Angle Bracket 90 x 90 x 65+2,5T
Anchor Nails 4 x 40 mm kzn 250/box
Paslode Bright Smooth Nails 34 degrees (2000pc)
Corofix – Tape

In addition to the factory package you can order:
– Gable wall elements
– Gable wall wooden cladding
– Window moldings set
– Corner moldings set